Every cat deserves the right to play in nature...

From the Desk of Samantha Nichols:

As passionate cat lovers and life long owners we have strong opinions about the great indoor-vs-outdoor cat debate. The fact is:

  • Indoor cats live an average of 10 years longer than free roaming outdoor cats.
  • Over 5 million free roaming domestic cats are killed each year by automobiles, wild animal attacks, human cruelty, poison, and pesticides.

It's no wonder that some people will do anything to keep their cat safe- including locking them up indoors! Keeping our cats safe is always our first concern.

Still many cat owners simply refuse to keep their companions locked up and away from their natural playground ..... so they let them roam free and face the dangers of the outdoors.

We all know that terrible feeling we get in the pit of our stomach when our cats don’t come home and how we worry throughout the night until they finally come back...Do we keep our cats indoors or do we let them roam free knowing the risks?


You don't have to choose anymore! In as little as a single afternoon you can tap into the secret the New York Times revealed and give your cat all the excitement, exercise and mental stimulation of an outdoor lifestyle and keep it safe and near to home all at the same time...

Catios Are Changing Cat's Lives.
Forget cat trees and cat condos, now your cat can be
the first on the block with its very own 5 Star Cat Resort.

Just listen to what a few people have to say about Catios...


These people are no different from you.

They love their cats and they want to give them the best life possible. They want their cats to get the exercise they need to keep them healthy and happy but still keep them safe.

And that's why they gave Catio's a chance to enhance their cats lives. And if you give it a chance, your cat will thank you forever!

That is why I put this new step-by-step Catio designs guide together to save you the time, money and frustration of having to search all over the internet for a simple, beautiful, and safe Catio design. Anyone can use these designs to build their very own Catio for very little money.

You can quickly and easily have your own Catio in as little as a weekend because you can simply do it yourself - or you can have someone else build it for you - without incurring the higher prices of using a middleman who make huge profits on their expensive Catios.

If you were to buy a Catio from an online retailer you would easily pay THOUSANDS of dollars.

Amazon sells this Catio for $2287.53 + $693.55 for shipping and handling.

After spending all that money you still have to sit around and wait 3-5 weeks before your Catio arrives at your door. Why wait and pay those ridiculous prices?

You can build a simple but spacious Catio for the cost of some basic materials and just a few hours of your time.

At last! You can own your very own Catio... giving you the peace of mind knowing your cat is playing outside safely... while improving the peace and happiness between your cats, and the rest of your family. Your friends and fellow cat lovers will be excited to see the new Catio, and you can enjoy hours of fun with your kitty.

What is Included in
the Catio Designs Guide?


The Luxor Catio is our most spacious design. It includes 4 custom design guides complete with a tools and materials list, and beautiful color 3-D architectural drawings. The Luxor includes the Extra Large (16x16), Large (8x24), Medium (8x16) and Small (8x8).

It is perfect for cat owners with a big yard or large outdoor space who want to build a safe and spacious sanctuary for their cats. The Luxor is built away from the house and is connected by a cat run or tunnel “catwalk” which allows your cats to get from the house to the Catio safely.


The Ritz Catio attaches to one side of your house and includes 3 custom design guides complete with a tools and materials list, and beautiful color 3-D architectural drawings. Large (8x24), Medium (8x16) and Small (8x8). Your cat acces’s the Ritz Catio through a cat flap on the side of the house. The great thing is you can use an existing door to also access the Catio yourself when you want to spend time playing with your kitty.


The Windows on the World Catio is ideal for cat lovers with limited outdoor space. It attaches to the side of your house and uses the existing window to allow your cat access from inside your house.

The Windows on the World Catio includes 2 custom design guides complete with a tools and materials list, and beautiful color 3-D architectural drawings. Large (2x10), Medium (2x5).


Think your cat can’t have a safe place to sit and watch as the world goes by? The Petite Window Catio is exactly what you have been looking for! This Catio is supported on your window frame much like an AC unit. No more worrying about unsafe windows once you have your simple and secure Petite Window Catio built. Perfect for the urban cat lover! This model is complete with a tools and materials list, and beautiful color 3-D architectural drawings.


Bonus #1 DIY Ideas For Your New Catio
Bonus #2 Deadly Plants To Cats
Bonus #3 Tips on Growing Oatgrass
Bonus #4 Tips on Growing Wheatgrass
Bonus #5 Tips For Growing Catnip & How To Make Great Catnip Toys

Here are some more great comments about Catios...

Its so easy, just click the link down below, fill out the simple secure form, then you will instantly be taken to your blueprints... and you can start putting your Catio together almost immediately!

Now You Don't have to Be Frustrated
By The Lack of Authentic Catio Designs

The Catio Designs Guide was created with the following goals in mind:

  • Easy To Construct With Common Tools Even If You Have Little Prior Carpentry Experience.
  • Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions Anyone Can Easily Follow
  • Simple Design and Construction Process-Complex Building Techniques Are Not Needed
  • Built From Inexpensive Common Materials Available At All Local Hardware Stores
  • Protected by Buried Wire screens to keep your cats safe from dangerous predators like coyotes.
  • Attractive Designs which complement your home.
  • Plans can be scaled to suit your individual Catio needs.
  • Easily Customizable Models: The simple addition of shelves and plants and a touch of your own creativity will make your Catio complete.

Now You Finally Give Your Cat
Safe Access to the Great Outdoors!

Cat lovers around the globe desperately want to give their cats the best of both world's but until now the high costs of pre-built cat enclosures has sadly forced us to keep our sweet kitties indoors.

Hours from now you could be playing with your cat in it's new outdoor sanctuary watching your kitty frolick in the sun, running, jumping,... finally getting the stimulation and exercise all cats crave. The best part is that while your cat roams and plays in its new Catio having hours of fun... you can relax with the peace of mind a loving cat owner deserves.

Think about it: If you could spend more quality time with your cat in an outdoor environment where you can safely play with your sweet feline wouldn't you make the choice to build a Catio now? Of course you would!

Using my Catio Designs Guide, you can quickly have your own Catio for a fraction of what you have to pay for those over-priced pre-fabricated cat enclosures.

You can customize the Catio design guides in any way you want to fit your needs. It’s critical to your cats happiness that you pick up these professionally created blue prints and instructions today - complete with detailed 3D drawings, tools and materials lists... giving you absolutely everything you need to assemble your own beautiful Catio today.

Better yet, if you don't want to build it yourself, you can hire a local handyman to follow the plans for you! You will still save hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars ... and you will have your very own beautiful and professionally designed custom Catio.

And there's no reason to wait - because I've got you covered with my no questions asked 100% Money Back Guarantee...

Have Your Own Catio Built This Afternoon!

Remember, Catios are an excellent way to give both you and your cat a little vacation everyday. It has been written about in newspapers all around the country... and is even being featured on television! You can be confident that you have 60 days to decide if this is right for you. It's really a no brainer.

Imagine what it will be like, having your cat relax and play with you outside. Having it cuddle up with you, purring and playing in it's new outdoor Catio sanctuary.

Think about how much happier you both will be, when you are able to enjoy the outdoors together, with safety and peace of mind. You can be free from worry about where your cat is and the dangers it faces while if it were roaming free outside... and it can be safely playing, happier and more eager to spend time with you than ever before!

Or the alternative. You can let your cat stay inside, staring out the window, hoping and wishing it could go out in the sun. Dreaming of the day it could play outside in the green grass and the warm outside... drinking in the fresh air and rolling around in the outdoors.

You know how much you enjoy the outside... imagine if someone refused to let you enjoy the outside, what if they never let you go outdoors, would you be a little depressed? This is the same way cats feel, they need the wonderful experience of the great outdoors, the sun and the truly unique experience of being out in nature.

Finally you can give your cat a safe and secure Catio and the happiness that comes with playing outside. You can relax and have fun together. You both can be so happy and free, and reduce the stress of your indoor life on your kitty while enjoying nature with your feline friend.

The complete Catio Designs Guide is only $49.99. There is no risk to you because you are protected by my 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee. If you change your mind at any time there are no hassles, no questions, just a simple refund.

Here's How To Order:


I am clicking on the "Add to Cart" button to get instant access to the Catio Designs Guide and the Bonuses right away!

I understand that if at any point in the next 60 days I am not totally satisfied with my purchase of the Catio Designs Guide that I will be refunded the full purchase price by simply emailing you at support@catiodesigns.com

One Time Payment - Only $49.99

The Catio Designs Pledge:

A percentage of every sale of the Catio Designs Guide is donated to both local and national shelters and organizations dedicated to improving the lives of animals everywhere. Your purchase will help provide food, shelter, and love for the many cats and other animals living in shelters and needing care across the USA

Let's Start Building Your Catio Today!

P.S.:- If you still haven't clicked on the "Add to Cart" button to get started...

Think about this: the faster you decide to order your own copy of the Catio Designs Guide the sooner your cat will be enjoying their new beautiful, safe Catio.

Our Catio Designs were created with simplicity and cost in mind giving you the easiest step-by-step process to help you successfully build your own Catio.

I hope you agree that you need to do something.... and there are only a couple options.

  • Option #1: Continue keeping your cat indoors as it sits sadly by the window yearning for outdoor access and stimulation, moping around wishing it could play in the fresh air and sunshine.
  • Option #2: Choose to give your precious cat the best possible life by building your own Catio now. Your kitty will thank you and your will have piece of mind knowing you did everything you could to make your cats life the best it can be!

I hope you choose option 2 and join the many Catio owners who have built their very own Catio using our Catio Designs Guide.


P.P.S.:Remember, you're getting all 4 Models of Catio Designs, each one with their unique sizes and instructional guides.

You are totally protected by my 100% no questions asked guarantee for a full 60 days...so act now and start building your Catio to make your kitties happier than ever!

( The bonuses are yours to keep no matter what you decide later!)

The Catio Designs Guide is in PDF format and can be downloaded instantly after payment! Even if it is 3 am.

P.P.P.S.: Cat owners like you have already taken the first step to building their Catios by ordering today.

You are only a simple shopping trip and a sunny day away from seeing the smiling face of your kitty as they run, jump, and play enjoying their new Catio!

Here are some quick FAQ's:

  • Q: How will I access my Catio Designs Guide after I purchase?

    A: After you checkout using our secure servers you will be redirected to an encrypted page which contains the full Catio Designs Guide. You can download one or all of the files at any time. You will also receive an email containing this information so you may return to that page whenever you need.
  • Q: If I need support or have questions about my Catio project can I contact you?

    A: Yes! We are happy to help you in any way we can. You can email us which is the fastest way to get a reply to your questions. We get a ton of email every day and we do our best to return all emails within a few business days. Thank you for your patience.
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